POTTERY CLASSES commencing Term 2, 26th April 2022


About Carlton Arts Centre

The Carlton Arts Centre was established in the year 1975. Over time it has built up an excellent reputation as one of “the places you go” to learn pottery. On completion of a course many of the students return to expand and improve their knowledge and experience with clay and glaze.

In lots of ways it is like a club – with all levels of students welcome. Carlton Arts Centre caters to all students interested in pottery from the absolute beginners to more experienced members that have been coming back for many years.

The director of the centre (Julian Centofanti) has fostered a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and this, along with the willingness of many of the “old hands” to share their knowledge with new students, creates an enjoyable environment in which to learn and create. At the same time, well-qualified instructors keep students’ noses to the wheel and teach them how to go about their art.

Some of the students are already well-known artists in their own right. They come to the Carlton Arts Centre to learn about, and participate, in a new artistic medium.

The extra workshops:

  • raku
  • sculpture
  • underglaze

these are always well-attended and add new dimensions and pathways to students’ learning experience.